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The guarantee of high performance packaging often involves the use of a coupled-barrier bag together with a precise number of desiccant bags.

The combined use of these products creates a controlled humidity environment, maintaining the properties/qualities of the packaged goods and protecting them from oxidation, mildewing, and other changes.

In some cases, it is also necessary to use particular high-tech film to ensure that the merchandise is protected from any stress or deterioration.

Film Barriera

Barrier Film

The coupled barrier creates an isolated environment around the goods, limiting the water vapour that permeates into the package.

The high water vapour barrier is due to the presence of a layer of aluminium in the laminate.

Our coupled barriers comply with the following standards:

- MIL-PRF-131 K Class 1

- DIN 55531:2015

Further specific types of barrier films (double, quadruple, coupled, etc.) or variations from the standard types are available on demand from our warehouse.


Types of Barrier Film

Tipologie film

PET 12/AL 9/HDPE 80

The most common standard coupled film for industrial packaging. The outer HDPE layer guarantees good mechanical resistance and allows for very resistant sealing using industrial sealers or simple hand sealers.
The inner, non-sealing PET layer protects the layer of aluminium.

film barriera1.png
Tipologie rotoli
rotoli semplici.jpg


Rolls of individual sheets may also be folded in half by request
Bands from 600 mm to
1600 mm
Standard length: 250 m

rotoli multiteli.JPG


Rolls composed of two or more sealed sheets
Bands from 1700 mm to
10000 mm
Length depending on the band

rotoli tubolari.JPG


Rolls composed of two sheets sealed at the ends, creating
a tube shape
Bands from 400 mm to 1600 mm
Length depending on the band

rotoli soffiettati


Rolls composed of four sheets sealed to create a pleated shape
Length depending on the band

Film tecnici

High-Tech Film

Crate Covers

Our crate cover film consists of a very resistant PE film ideal for covering wooden cages and crates.  Highly resistant, it prevents tears and breakage. It is also waterproof and has 18-month UV protection.

The standard film is an opaque white colour with 215 µm thickness, but other thicknesses, colours, and treatments are available on demand.

Cuffia film copricasse 1.jpg
Film VCI


VCI film is a PE film with added corrosion inhibitors, which make it particularly suitable for conserving and protecting machinery and metal parts.

Once placed inside the goods, the active ingredients evaporate and precipitate on the metal surfaces, where they condense as microscopic crystals that prevent corrosion.

Cuffie su misura

Custom Covers

DESERT is one of the few Italian companies with consolidated artisan and industrial expertise in the production of custom covers and bags.


Our covers protect objects, machinery, pallets, or entire containers, and may be used with every type of film listed above.

We create bags from 20x20 cm up to bags for entire 20 or 40 ft containers in the following configurations:

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