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Established in 2007 and relying on long-standing experience in desiccants, DESERT is built around a young, dynamic, multicultural team closely oriented at meeting the needs of its partners.


We develop moisture-proof packaging, offering timely, qualified technical service and custom solutions. Whether you are a packager, industrial manufacturer, retailer, or company, our goal is to provide the best technical, low-cost environmentally friendly solutions.


Every year, we invest in technological innovation in our machinery and instruments. We only seek top-quality materials for our products, guaranteeing the highest technical standards and offering your goods the highest protection.


We view our relationship with partners as a steadily developing collaboration, with the goal of building and maintaining long-term relationships amid mutual growth.

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Our Team

DESERT employs qualified personnel who daily research and develop new systems and technologies based on a few simple rules to meet market demands.

  • We make use of advanced machinery and computer systems to optimize each step following receipt of the order.

  • We manage our warehouse with one of the most advanced computer systems for incoming and outgoing merchandise, applying an alphanumeric code to our products to guarantee the highest traceability of our production batches.

  • We carefully look for new suppliers using specific market analyses to guarantee our partners the best quality-price ratio.

  • We work with a select group of transporters to apply the best economic conditions to all shipments out of Italy at every time of the year.

  • We start with your specific needs, developing highly customized packaging solutions.
    Our strength lies in guaranteeing the success of your ideas.

   DESERT, a step forward in adding value to your products


Environment & Health

We respect the environment,and, therefore, control the use of plastic in our products by adopting appropriate thicknesses for the required technical parameters, without pointless oversizing that impacts both the environment and the cost of our products.

For some products, we use recycled plastic materials, and in this respect we have developed a coupled barrier that is transparent and recyclable.Considering the health of the people using our products, we produce and supply desiccant bags that are completely free of dimethyl fumarate and other toxic substances. To this end, we require our raw material suppliers to provide certificates of its absence, batch by batch, and we perform random analyses to verify consistency with declarations.

We strictly adhere to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), the European regulation adopted to protect human health and the environment from risks deriving from chemical substances.

In addition, our products bear legible statements in multiple languages and, when necessary, cautionary pictograms indicated by current regulations.

Our Laboratory

While appearing simple to the eye, our products for moisture-proof packaging are actually high-tech materials, whose performance efficiently protects your merchandise.


Ever keen on ensuring high quality production standards, DESERT set up and implemented its own internal analysis laboratory at the very beginning. Today it is equipped with climate cameras, centrifuges, micrometers, and instrumentation to calculate the release of dust from the bags..


We use the laboratory to carry out a series of tests aimed at both verifying the chemical/physical properties of incoming batches of raw materials, and sampling tests on outgoing products, as well as R&D, to develop our line of green products.



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