Desert Disidratanti S.r.l. operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015  for the following scope of registration:

  • Packaging of dehydrating auxiliary products ready to use for packing.
    (Certificate number: SGQ 1765 )

Our Clay and Silica Gel desiccant bags are certified according to the German standard DIN 55473:2008-10 ( Registration number: 5B013 – 5B014 ).

Quality is very important to our company. Every stage of the production is put under accurate and targeted controls in order to warrant to the Client the highest quality of the product. Therefore we carefully check incoming goods, products during production and then after the production.

Thanks to targeted investments, we have developed a streamlined and effective production process, by which we can ensure our Clients high quality products, fast and punctual deliveries, competitive prices.