Multi-sheet Rolls

These are multiple sheets rolls of Alubarrier welded together in such a way as to achieve greater widths compared to that of a single sheet.

With the help of a specialized machinery, we are able to weld from 2 to 4 rolls together in one single roll that, once unfolded, reachs widths from 1.65 m up to 10 m.

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Desert Gel

These bags are specifically studied to counteract the rapid formation of condensation during shipping/storage in Containers. It is a new product that allows fast absorption of moisture, preventing its build-up and its damaging effects.

Desert Gel's innovation is characterized by the reduced dimensions/weight and the excellent moisture insulation from the shipping material. This is given by the waterproof nature of the bag’s bottom part (Alu-Foil Shield) and its pan shape. The bag’s

top part is made of an excellent quality of Nonwoven, a material that allows the product to achieve excellent breathability, absence of dust transpiration and outstanding resistance to breakage.

Regarding the innovative content, a mixture of Calcium Chloride and of a proprietary thickener gives Desert Gel its fast and total humidity absorption in gel form while keeping its size and weight to a minimum.

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Download here the Presentation of Desert Gel


Transport Data Logger

For shipments in the Containers, we offer to our Customers also a very innovative tool to control the "health" of the transported goods.

This device is called Transport Data Logger and it's designed, created and patented by Bosch. With a single product You can control humidity, temperature, shock, tilt.

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Download here the Operative Instruction of the Data Logger