Desiccant Bags

The dessicant bags are used in packaging intended for export (maritime transport, etc ..), transports in general, storage. Thanks to their absorption capacity they reduce the dew point in packaging to
extend the preservation of products, protecting their quality and their properties against the attacks of moisture.

Our Desiccant Bags are The solution You were looking for! They can reduce the relative humidity in a sealed packaging, ensuring a long-term and safe protection of products during transport and/or

Desert Disidratanti S.r.l. offers a full range of dessicant bags that meet current industry standards and are produced following the directions of DIN 55473, MIL D 3464 and NFH 00321 norms. ( DIN Certificate number: 5B013 – 5B014 )

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We provide many types of packages to meet all possible needs: different cutting and size, materials with different degrees of resistance and permeability, both in Non-Woven or Tyvek® (Casing Materials).

The bags can be customized according to specific instructions provided by the Customer, which can require to equip them with hanging devices such as non-woven string or hooks.

They can also be provided with different types of packaging (boxes, palletboxes, etc.).