“Not only anti-moisture, but also anti-corrosion


Desert Disidratanti Srl has decided to expand its product range with the addition of a product that is always inherent in the protection of goods from damage caused by moisture:



Corrosion is a constant, indiscriminate and costly enemy of metal parts, especially when they are packaged for storage and distribution. Our VCI products protect the metals due to a chemical compound of high technology VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) which forms a mono-ionic layer on the surface of the metal. It provides a long lasting protection against corrosion of ferrous metals, non-ferrous and combination of ferrous and non-ferrous (multi-metals): the slow-release and the self-healing ability of the compound allows a long lasting protection up to 24 months.


Our company is now also a supplier of VCI film in roll form or in the form of bags and gusset bags of various dimensions according to the needs of the Customer.