Desert Disidratanti S.r.l. dessicant bags are produced using safe raw materials both for the user and for the environment and are free of Dimethyl fumarate, fungicide additive declared toxic.

The main dehydrating materials that we use are:

Bentonite (Al2O3−4SiO2−4H2O)

Bentonite, as well know as Clay,

is a natural product with a layered structure so the water vapor is absorbed between its layers.

The Desert Disidratanti clay is characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio which makes it particularly suitable for the dehydration of industrial packaging.

Since it is a natural product, the amount to be added in the bags changes according to the absorption capacity of the clay used at the time.

Silica Gel

The Silica Gel, or silica dioxide (SiO2), is an amorphous and very porous material.

It is produced synthetically in the form of granules or spheres of glassy appearance and of variable size.

This product can be of two colors: Silica Gel orange and Silica Gel white.

Due to its characteristics of purity and sterility, it is particularly suited to use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Being a product of synthesis, the weight inside the Silica Gel bags is always the same (normative MIL D 3464 and 00321 NFH).

Molecular Sieves

They are synthetic compounds consisting of aluminosilicates of the alkali metals or alkaline-earth reproducing the crystal structure of natural zeolites.

They come in regular spherical shape and are characterized by interstices of uniform size.

Being endowed with a high absorption rate of steam, they are used for applications that require to obtain low levels of moisture in a short time.

They are used for the purification of gas to protect electronic and optical equipment.

Calcium Chloride  (CaCl2)

Calcium chloride (chemical formula CaCl2) is a natural salt, that is appearing as liquid or dry fraction.

Dry Calcium Chloride can appear in various grades for versatile industrial, energy and food applications.

Desert Disidratanti uses dry calcium chloride pellets 94-98% made of synthetic hydrochloric acid and ultra pure natural limestone.

It is a multipurpose chemical product that has a wide range of commercial and industrial spheres of applications. In our case, we exploit its power to dry industrial gas and air

CaClpellets meet ASTM D 98-05, AASHTO M144 and GOST 450-77 requirements for calcium chloride purity.

ASTM classification is: Type S, Grade 3, Class B.